I’ve been working in IT industry since 2007. Within these years I’ve participated on many various projects. For sure, due to signed NDA I can’t share all the exciting details, but it could be useful for a basic overview of my scope :-).

  • Configuration Management Database development – as part of infrastructure provisioning team I’ve participated at development of configuration database which drives the configuration management and deployment for infrastructures containing thousands of UNIX systems (various platforms / OS / versions).
  • Server provisioning automation – as part of infrastructure provisioning development team I’ve participated at developing of server provisioning solution (including administrative tasks, server build, user deployment, application installation, storage configuration, … ). I also enhanced this solution by writting additional workflow’s steps specific for certain customers.
  • Veritas clusterware patching instruction generator – as part of my employnment I prepared the instructions for security upgrade on Veritas clusterware across cca 70 clusters running on Solaris. As there was plenty of various configurations (bare metal servers, Logical Domains, Zones, various resource groups inside the clusters, … ), I decided to perform this job through automated way. I wrote the program which connected to the certain machine and based on heuristic analysis on the server it wrote down the instructions (including the commands for System Administrators) based on which the security patching was later on performed.
  • Network migrations – as a part of my employnment I prepared the technical project plan for migrating UNIX infrastructure (various OS and more than 2500 network connections) from legacy to new network infrastructure. It included also clusters, critical applications with no downtime tolerance, physical and virtual machines. I also migrated by myself around 30% of the project scope.
  • Linux MD RAID post-DR consolidation – as part of my employment I had to deal with situation when I had to recover the 350 virtual machine’s RAID in disaster recovery situation. As the array members had non-aligned metadata I wrote the simple Perl script to examine the situation and (if possible) reassemble the broken arrays together.
  • Universal script template – as a result of need to produce lot of shell scripts I wrote the base template including logging, executing and remote calling functions to give me useful sandbox for further development.
  • GeekWarrior – I developed the command line interface for the task warrior application which fully integrates the GTD (Getting Things Done) time-management workflow.
  • Spoteee – for this independant project I prepared the embedded OS for the micro computer device on which the application is running.
  • Automation of certificates deployment on webhosting environment – as part of my employnment contract I automated on-demand obtaining / deploying and renewal of security certificates and integrated this funcionality into overall bussiness model.
  • Web/Mail hosting company aquisition – as part of my employnment contract, I planned and also performed (with no additional help) the technical aquisition of hosting company:
    • around 100 unique websites (most of them had also relation database system behind),
    • around 300 unique email accounts,
    • around 150 unique DNS zones.
    • Each of this was migrated to another server infrastructure + all the passwords for non-technical users were changed.
  • – as enthusiast in non-profit area, I built the whole server infrastructure for the NGO Zivot trochu jinak. It contains web server with various applications (CMS, Moodle, Mailman, Nextcloud), E-mail server (Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Graylisting, SPF, DKIM, support of virtual domains), SSO solution. Everything runs on Gentoo. I took care of the server since 2010 until 2018.
  • BlindUbuntu: operating system for the Blind people – in 2007, assistive technologies for visually impaired people were not so widely extended like today. I enhanced several versions of Ubuntu Linux by adding magnifying, screen reading and braille displaying features. I was working on this project till 2010 when the group of smart guys from US started with similar project.